Hi there! I grew up in Florida and studied at the University of Florida, where I met my now husband, James. After that, we moved to Syracuse so I could earn my M.S. in public relations from Syracuse University.

We have moved around several times since then, bringing influences from these different places with us. We were married in March 2019 and spent the previous years drinking countless cups of coffee together, ogling over freshly fallen snow, and treasure hunting for antiques to furnish our apartments. Our adventures always include our trusty companion, Archie- who lives for snuggling in any lap or blanket he can find. 

Since I spend the most time with him, I asked James to tell you all a little about me. Here's what he typed out:
  • Coffee- especially a double espresso
  • Many different types of crafting- rug punch, weaving, stamp name it
  • Participating and going to craft shows
  • Creating- She works in the creative industry for her full-time job (I did at the time.)
  • Designing and filling our house with texture and color. Does it have tassels or involve a unique house plant? She's about it.
It is physically impossible for Leslie to drive by an estate sale without perusing it and she knows how to find a mean bargain.
Leslie graduated with a degree in political science and then went on to earn a master's degree in public relations. She is an extremely hard worker that also enjoys her down time watching Netflix and snuggling Archie in a massive soft blanket.
She might not agree with me but I believe she is an amazing artist and I try to hang up every piece of art that she makes.
Her obsession with picking the perfect Christmas tree each year is unreal.


I'm a creative type and have always loved dabbling in different "businesses." From selling "pretty paper" at the end of the driveway when I was five, to Etsy shops and jewelry, I've always had the creative bug.

When I was in grad school I found myself so busy with other clubs and studying, that I had all these disorganized ideas in my head. I needed a creative outlet.

That's when the idea for the Arch Chasers blog was born. I officially launched it in 2018, but kept it a secret. I loved being able to document the process of turning our different apartments into home every time we moved and sharing different DIYs, but I was scared to show that side of myself.

After talking with a few close friends, I knew I just needed to put it out to the world since it's something I'm passionate about.

I hope to inspire others to live their most creative and cozy lives through Chasing Cozy.


By "living your coziest life", I don't mean never leaving the creature comforts of  your own living room, I mean enhancing small parts of your life. For example, you may be traveling to a destination totally out of your comfort zone, but you can make that experience cozier with the right shoes, or a face mask for the plane ride. It's all about the little things.

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