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I am participating in the Spring 2020 One Room Challenge! This means that I'll be posting updates on Baby T's nursery over an eight week series.

If you're new here, my husband James and I purchased our first home in the Fall of 2019 and we are expecting our first babe this July! Our home is just about 100 years old and we are trying to breathe some of our personality into it while preserving the charm. If you click around on my site, you'll see a bunch of home DIY and decor, with tons of dog (Archie) pics sprinkled in. I dedicate 99% of my free time to publishing on this little blog, and I love sharing this part of my life with you all.

With Baby T due in July, my timeline for this is getting shorter each day! This challenge is going to hold me accountable and hopefully inspire others who are looking to do the same. I'll be working on an almost zero dollar budget for this project, so I'll also be sharing lots of DIYs along the way.

WEEK 1- The Plan


You know I love a good boho earthy color palette mixed with lots of natural textures. For this room I'm giving it more of a pop of color than I normally do while keeping my love for earth tones at heart. The color we are using for the walls is Behr Jungle Camouflage. We will also be adding a super special detail to the walls- but that's a secret for now. You can find that on my post for Week 2 next Thursday.