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18 things to do while on hold

Being on hold on your phone is the ultimate time waster. Frankly, there are few things more frustrating to be hit with in the middle of your busy day than "your current wait time is...35 minutes."

Here are a few things you can do while on hold: 

+ Chop and prep your vegetables- I made homemade home fries this morning with this recipe
+ Catch up on deleting your spam inbox
+ Clean your makeup brushes
+ Give yourself an at-home facial- I like to keep some of my masks and oils in my mini fridge
+ Organize your closet
+ Organize your fridge and wash the shelves
+ Wash your face- I'm a big fan of the Michael Todd Beauty Soniclear
+ Make a grocery list
+ Unsubscribe from spam email lists
+ Clean out your camera roll on your phone
+ Give yourself an at-home manicure- My favorite how-to is here
+ Trim all your candle wicks- candle tips from an expert on this post
+ Brush your dog/snuggle
+ Get rid of expired cosmetics and goopy nail polishes
+ Sanitize/ wipe down your electronics
+ Prune your plants
+ Browse Pinterest- I update my account regularly with home decor and cute DIYs
+ Paint a denim jacket- DIY here



18 things to do while you're on hold
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