At the beginning of each season there are a few things I like to do to set the right intentions.

1. Clean out my closet. If there are things I haven't touched in a year, they're out. By doing this each season, I can't let myself get away with the excuse that I'll keep it until next fall when I didn't even wear it this fall.

This is also a great time to figure out where you have missing pieces in your wardrobe. You can find those holes and plan to invest in those pieces, especially if they are basics.

If you are limited on closet space (who isn't?), then storing larger items that are for the winter under your bed in bins may help you out. It's so satisfying to have everything organized and ready to go. And honestly, I'm a much more pleasant person when my space is put together.

2. I like to try new recipes. I pick five main dishes and a few sides to make for the season and try to always have those ingredients on hand. This prevents me from wasting food in the fridge and eating out. It's also helpful when going to the grocery store. My personal nightmare is wondering the aisles after a long day at wort not knowing what to get.

3.  Build in some time for fun. When you break it down, each season is about three month. If you make time to do something seasonal once a month, that's a lot of small fun activities! Having something to look forward to always help Friday come a little quicker.

I know I always look forward to my favorite antique fair and decorating my patio of fall. Or, in the summer, we try out a new cocktail recipe and make sure to get plenty of sun. In the winter I love to frequent the holiday markets and break out the festive decor.

This is a great way to learn about your community and meet fun people!

Do you make lists for every season? Tell me about them!

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