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  1.  People can be cruel, but you HAVE to block out the haters. Ponder something for just a second to see if it's actually something constructive. If it's not, ignore it. I'm not saying that these comments don't upset me, because sometimes they do. You just HAVE to realize that no matter what you do, you can still receive hate from trolls. Block em out. If your "friends" are poking fun of your blog, they're not your friends. Cut the fat and move on.
  2. Blogging is NOT for the faint of heart. If you you are blogging about something you're not super passionate about, rethink why you're doing what you're doing. You have to be so so passionate about something to work on it for that many hours a week, and to not get burnt out.
  3. Write with your own voice. Lot's of times I find myself reverting back to my formal writing background and realize, this doesn't sound like me. Cue the rewrite process. Scrap, rewrite, repeat.
  4. If you have a writing block, save a draft and take a lap around where you're working. I used to sit and rack my mind and get so down on myself when I couldn't think of how to write about something. Think of something from the perspective of your reader. Wat would they want to know?
  5. Working with a significant other can be hard. Take the pain points and create processes to avoid frustration in the future. For example, when I have James helping me take a picture, I have him snap a few then let me look so I can rearrange a space. This saves us from some of the worst fights.
  6. Everyone and their dog has something to say, but that doesn't mean that what you have to say isn't important. Period. 
  7. Time blocking is your best friend. If you are a perfectionist or get caught up in the details, find a system that holds you accountable for time that works for you.
  8. My last point. This is something I have had to learn through life in general, not just blogging. Stop being so hard on yourself. Let your ideas flow and scribble them down, even if it sounds weird. That's how you share your unique point of view with people and how you provide value through your blog. There's only one of you, so get over the imposter syndrome and OWN it. This is something I tell myself every day.  

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