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Tent camping is something James and I have enjoyed from childhood, and something we have shared together since we started dating.

It's definitely not everyone's cup of tea- I get that. I do think there are ways we like to improve upon our campsite that make it so much cozier!


In this post I'm going to share a quick list of tips for giving your outdoor adventure an upgrade.

  1. Don't put your sleeping bag right on the ground. Get an air mattress or cot and put your sleeping bags on top.
  2. If you don't love smoky flavor added to your food from cooking on the camp fire, get yourself a small camp stove. These run off of little propane tanks and you'll be whipping up campsite gourmet in no time.
  3. Add some string lights to you campsite. These will improve the ambience and make your experience more festive. Plus, no one likes fumbling around with only a flashlight.
  4. Upgrade your s'mores!  Try dark chocolate or peanut butter cups instead of the traditional milk chocolate. Maybe even try making your own marshmallows!
  5. Bring a portable premade dessert with you to enjoy after a long hike. These mini lemon bundt cakes will keep well in a  cooler and are refreshing for summer!
Here are some of my favorite camp upgrades!

I hope you enjoyed these tips and will share your cozy campsites with us over on Instagram! 

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