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tropical paper leaves

These DIY paper leaves are super easy and would be adorable when incorporated into a balloon arch or table centerpiece for a chic brunch. I was inspired by the foliage at our wedding venue to make these.


supplies for the paper leaf project


  1. Decide in the size of leaves you want and the type you want to create. You will need to use either a sheet of card stock for smaller, of poster board for larger leaves. I used a mix of the two. A variety of sizes mixed together will give you a pretty layered result.
  2. Draw you leaves and cut them out. It's ok to mess up here. The jagged and wavy edges give you leaves a textured look that'll look better in the end. I looked up images of tropical leaves and vines and then free-handed my sketches form there. I varied each leaf from one another.
  3. Once your leaves are cut out, you will use your bone folder to give them some texture. This will give them more structure and mimic their natural shape. Look at your picture of your leaf and decide the shapes you want to imprint into the leaf. I made a vein/stem going down the middle, and then strokes going from the middle stem to the outer ends of the leaf.
  4. I did the middle stem on the front side of the leaf since it has a naturally concave shape that folded in. I turned the leaf over and imprinted the smaller veins on the back side. This part is all really up to you and how you want to get creative.
  5. Once you've added in your texture, you're good to go!
Using a bone folder to create realistic texture on paper leaves

Finished paper leaves ready to style

Finished paper leaves ready to style

If you do make these pretty paper leaves, please share you project with us over on Instagram using the hashtag #ChasingCozy!

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