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Easy pineapple cocktail cup

Pineapple cups are so cute and can really add a special touch to a summer gathering with friends. They are so easy to make if you have the right tool.

This pineapple corer is key. All you do is remove the top of the pineapple, insert the corer right over the core, and twist. As you twist, the corer creates a spiral of pineapple.
Easy pineapple cocktail cup
You just lift the corer out and you're left with yummy fruit and none of the mess of cutting around the core by hand.

You can then cut the core out, or, even easier, use kitchen shears.
Easy pineapple cocktail cup

The pineapple fully removed

You can make these cups even more festive with cocktail umbrellas and fun straws. You can enjoy a classic pina colada by the pool, or make your own recipe!

I most recently made a Prosecco punch that used some of the fresh pineapple in the recipe. Instead of buying pineapple juice, I popped four rings in the blender to make my own.


This recipe is just about right for filling two medium pineapple cups.

1 cup Prosecco
1/4th cup lime juice
1/3 cup orange juice
Four rings of your fresh pineapple
2 TBS  Aperol
5-7 ice cubes 

Blend everything together until the ice and pineapple chunks are gone. 

Easy way to make a pineapple cup

Be sure to tag me in your posts if you make some cute pineapple cups to enjoy by the pool!


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