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Part of the engagement process is making a registry. I personally didn't have the time or desire to walk through the mall and different stores to browse through racks of dinnerware and cutlery. SO, here is what worked for us.


This is where our Minted site came in handy. We made our registries online through Anthropologie and Target, and then we were able to add our registry links right on our custom Minted website.

TIP: Only register to online stores if you have a brick and mortar location near where you live. This made returns for glassware that broke in transit much easier. Better safe than sorry.

Our site was also where we directed our guests to RSVP to the wedding weekend. This made access to event, travel and registry info easy.


Only register for items you will be excited to use and can see yourself having in your house long term. Don't listen to what other people say you just "HAVE TO HAVE" on your registry. This is about YOU and your significant other. Do what works for you both.

We stuck to items at price points that we would pay ourselves for items on our registry.

Something fun that James and I did was we both picked out a few items each we really liked, and by the time we did that, the registry was all set up.


Since material objects don't mean everything, here are some other options you could add to your registry:
  • Funds for experiences like your honeymoon or things you'll do on your honeymoon (dinner, couples spa day, etc.)
  • Ask your guests to make donations to your favorite charities instead of gifts
Do you have any registry tips and tricks? Please enlighten us all over on my latest Instagram post!
If you're planning your wedding, what are some questions you have? I love discussing wedding ideas!


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