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mother and daughter at wedding

This post serves as a reminder for myself and a "thank you" to my mom for all the things she's taught me over the years.

These next points are all things my mom taught me when I was younger. For most of these, I wish I listened sooner.


  1. Invest in a good pair of jeans. The basics will never go out of style. Classic pieces look good on everyone
  2. One-peice bathing suits look just as good as a bikini. Don't make yourself uncomfortable just to fit in with everyone else. Wear what you want.
  3. SAVE. YOUR. MONEY. Luckily, I listened to this one early on. Don't underestimate the power of putting away a certain percentage of your paychecks each month, even if it's just $10. It adds up quickly.
  4. Travel. Don't skip out on trying something new every few month if you can help it. Go out of your way to adventure.
  5. Wear sunscreen. Wear it every day.
  6. No one can make you mad. (Ok, I get that this sounded impossible at the time, and I still think it is impossible. BUT, that being said, I get where she is coming from here. I take it as "don't let others' opinions get you down.")
  7. Make things. Craft, create, imagine, draw, just make things. This has SO many benefits and has really shaped me as a person. Lots of people in my family have the creative gene, and I'm glad I do too. Even if you do not feel like you're the "creative type," these exercises will flex certain parts of your brain and you might discover something new.
  8. READ and don't stop reading. I don't know anyone who reads more than my mom. I also don't know anyone with a better imagination. I like to think these are correlated.
  9. Send cards and write letters. It makes all the difference.
  10. Make the holidays special. It's about family. My mom always went above and beyond to make the holidays special, even in the smallest ways. It wasn't just about gifts, but about embracing the spirit of the season and being kind and sharing with others. Christmas still is, and will always be, my favorite holiday.
  11. Spend money on experiences, not things. You'll remember these cherished times with loved ones more than you'll remember all those earrings you bought in your 20's.
  12. Shop your own home. Rearranging and utilizing what you already have will refresh your home on a budget. That old tapestry that has been in storage for years, that's now your new headboard.
  13. There's no shame in thrifting. This is where you find the best vintage pieces.  If you're trying to add some character to your home, you should be thrifting ;) Whenever I come home, I have to go on at least one thrifting run with my mom.
  14. Don't judge how you feel about an outfit based on the lights in the fitting room. They are always the WORST. I promise, you look better than that.
That last one is one of my favorites. I was very hard on myself when I was younger and did not like how I looked when I tried on clothes. All of this could have been avoided if I had just blamed it on the dressing room light and wore what I wanted to.

What are some things your parents taught you when you were younger? Maybe even something you learned from an older sister? Share with all of us on my latest Instagram post!

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