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       Here are 10 things I love doing on the weekends.
      1. Go to the farmer's market. You can't beat local organic produce, meat, cheeses and baked goods for a fraction of the price.
      2. Experiment with any new hairstyle or makeup I've been wanting to try. Trying these looks out on the weekends puts much less pressure on you to get it right. I'm one of those people where the less I try, the better my hair looks. Don't ask me why, it's just how it is.
      3.  Throw the ingredients in the bread maker and do laundry while it bakes. You really can't beat the smell of fresh bread.
      4. Catch up on reading while burning one of my favorite candles. I try to alternate fiction and non-fiction so I'm always learning about something new or getting lost in a different story. Of course, my favorite candles depending on my mood and the season, so there are a lot.
      5. Snuggle up with Archie and James and switch on a documentary or a movie. I'm more of a documentary person, James is more of a movie person. If I am to be persuaded, it would be with a comedy.
      6. COFFEE. Making a pour over cup of piping hot coffee makes the morning feel intentional. It only increases my love of my morning routine and gives me time to straighten out my brain for the day.
      7. Enjoy a nice face mask. After my pour over cup, I like to take a face mask out of my mini fridge and enjoy it while chillin' on the couch and catching up on my water intake. It's good for your skin!
      8. Craft a new piece of home decor for my home. Often times I like to craft an item rather than buy it. Usually, it's the case that I can't find exactly what I want, so I make it. This adds a cozy personal touch to your space.
      9. Send friends letters and packages. I like to do this at least once a month. Writing a physical letter or packing up a bundle of goodies forces you to slow down and think of the person you're sending it to. Not only does this brighten someone else's day, it allows you to reflect on and cherish that friendship. 
      10. Take time to get re-inspired. Working nonstop during the week (or, the hustle, as it's called) can be draining. I find that I don't do my best creative work when I'm completely drained and worn down. I like to re-inspire myself by looking through magazines and clipping images, scouring Pinterest for pretty pictures, or by listening to my favorite podcasts.
      This list is very focused on self-care and living intentionally. I tend to be very hard on myself, as I guessing a lot of us are, so taking this time is very important to prevent burning out. 

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