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If you live in the north, you know there are still a few weeks until we see those truly warmer days. My moods and anxieties have always varied based on my environment. If you are one of those people, you know how real seasonal depression can be. In this post I'm going to share five ways to beat the cold weather blues on a budget.

1. Organize your life. Based on your personality type, this can mean something different. For me, I like to have my schedule organized, and house organization becomes a close second. Bust out your planner and mark it up to your calendar. Schedule in coffee with friends or a personal shopping day. Schedule time for yourself here.

If you love your house to be tidy, you might check out the ever popular Maie Kondo method. It's totally doable and will seriously improve the quality of your life if you appreciate tidiness.

2. Do things inside that aren't Netflix. I get it, I love a good couch lounge and Netflix binge as much as the next gal. But, to get out of the rut, you need to try something else. I've been playing around with our bread maker. (I know, GASP, who even eats bread?! Seriously, don't lecture me on carbs.) Trying new recipes like hearty fruit and cinnamon breads has been a fun, indulgent activity that is easy on the wallet.

3. Plan a visit with friends. Yea, I get it. Fellow INFJ here. I love my friends dearly, but making plans can seem like going out on a limb even though it's completely necessary. Winter can only exaggerate my want to be a complete introvert. Try hosting a wine or hot cocoa night with a few of your closest girlfriends. Make a day out of shopping and prepping for this. It'll get you out of the house and you'll be happy you had quality time with your friends once it's over.

4. Find your favorite warm beverage and learn how to make the perfect one. Maybe you figure out how to make that perfect pour over coffee or the best balanced iced tea out there. Whatever you like, make it and make it good. This will feel like a special small indulgence and bring an intentional touch to your day.

5. Put down the phone. Seriously, take all of your tech devices and move them out of your main living space. Take some time each day without the TV or your phone in hand. Yes, it's easy to scroll and yes, lots of us use our phone as a main part of our livelihood. Trust me, a little detox from this will have you feeling better in no time. Plating the subconscious social media comparison game isn't good for any of us.

If you can't be convinced to stop charging your phone next to your bed, take a few seconds in the morning to get up, brush your teeth and do a few things before you scroll through your emails and apps. I pinky promise this will let your mind wake up in a whole new light. This has really changed my mindset going into the day. It helps me be more productive and feel like I have a better handle on my to-do lists on those busy days.

I know these aren't doable for everyone, but you can take these tips and mold them to your life. We all have different life circumstances, but we all deserve to feel our best. Get out of that winter funk and enjoy your week!

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