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front of an antique shop in Holly, Michigan

Lately James and I have been more of the weekend warrior traveler type. We have been busy and unable to take longer trips. We will plan our honeymoon eventually!

Whenever we move somewhere new, it's important to us to explore the area. There's nothing better than getting to know all the good local spots. Local eateries, coffee shops, boutiques and grocery stores make up a large part of a community's culture. Visiting these places is a great way to get to know a new area and the people who live there. After all, we are "locals" now.
Last weekend James and I took a day trip to Holly, Michigan to go antiquing for some furniture. We hoped to find a console table and dining chairs for our apartment. We only had one destination planned out, and that was Neil's Disco.

Neil's Disco 

Neil's is an antique shop that also runs online auctions. It's a prime picking spot with finds from all eras. The owners were kind and eager to share what they knew about different pieces if we had any questions.

We enjoyed leisurely strolling down the aisles of goodies and brainstorming up the potential that each of the pieces that caught our eye. I left with a few woven baskets to add to my collection for one of my walls.

A few tips:
1. If you plan on going to Neil's in the winter, dress warmly. There is no heating and the building is open air.
2. Definitely register for their online auctions. I routinely see amazing items sell for way less than you would at an antique store. The site is easy to navigate, even from your phone. I've been known to scroll through the listings a little too often. (Whoops)

Holly, MI

After browsing Neil's, we took a few minutes and drove to the next town over where there were a few other antique stores. This landed us in Holly, MI. We were pleasantly surprised by the small town charm and the beautiful buildings. The old-brick architecture was original and inspiring.

We found a coffee shop that was absolutely charming inside. We had our coffee and chatted with the owner for a bit about how she roasted her own coffee beans. She showed us how the beans are green before roasting. As you can imagine, the shop smelled divine.
unroasted coffee beans

We left from there to visit a few of her recommendations for antiques. We even visited a bakery and had a slice of the most delicious homemade cheesecake.

antique store in Holly, Michigan

vintage red theater seats in an antique store in Holly, Michigan

Vintage teacups in an antique store in Holly, Michigan

We recommend taking a trip to Holly, MI and taking your time visiting all of the shops. All of the shop owners were very passionate about what they did and welcomed us warmly.

Where are you favorite places to antique shop? Leave us a comment here or on our latest Instagram post.

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