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what's in my bag, scrunchie lipgloss hairbrush travel essentials

I always love seeing the contents of peoples' bags and what they can't live without. I think it tells a lot about the person! As an INFJ personality type, I love this.

Here are a few of the essentials I like to have with me when I leave the house. This obviously changes depending on the weather and whether or not I'm bringing Archie with me. I'll post about my doggie necessities for travel in another post. That's a whole different type of beast.

what's in my bag outfit with kimono and woven round basket bag

1. Ginger gum- SAVES my stomach if it's ever upset
2. My planner- I need to be able to write down ideas right when I have them
3. UV blocking gloves- keep your skin safe while driving!
4. If I have a bigger bag, Archie's portable water bottle
5. Snacks (usually dates or a clementine)
6. My favorite dried tea- for when I just don't want water
7. Lip gloss- Buxom makes some of my favorite shades
8. Scrunchies and hair ties- long hair problems
9. Facial mist- gotta keep that skin glowing

Share some of your must haves in the comments!


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