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After our wedding James and I were lucky enough to stay at one of Vero Beach's hidden gems. The Caribbean Court Boutique Hotel has 18 charming guest rooms that are finished with details like hand-painted tile and original art. The uniqueness of each room lends to the coziness of the property.
The hotel truly is tucked into it's own little Vero paradise with the property covered in tropical greenery and foliage. There is walking access to the beach and a pool on the property. I grew up in Vero Beach and still enjoyed my stay at the hotel. It was a refreshing take on the beach culture of the town. I could relax and enjoy myself while still accessing all of my favorite local cafes and eateries.
There were little lounge areas tucked into every nook of this property. You can't see them unless you really take the time to walk through every archway and green canopy.
I was basically gushing over the beautiful pieces in our room to James the entire time we stayed. We stayed in two different rooms, each unique. My favorite details had to be the colorful tiles. I now need these somewhere in our future house. It's not a style I would normally go for, but it was just so fitting for the mood.

The Havana Nights Piano Bar is located upstairs of the restaurant and provides a relaxing retro vibe for a chill cocktail hour. We enjoyed the high backed booths that lent a more romantic feel to the experience. After a long day on the beach with family and friends, this was a nice way to unwind for the night. There was live music provided by local musicians.
The restaurant where we ate every breakfast, Maison Martinique, served up the freshest food with more vintage Florida vibes. Each morning we enjoyed the omelette of the day and a fresh side of fruit.
I dined out by the pool to soak up some of the Florida sunshine while we could. Breakfast was served between 8 and 10 a.m. and I promise you will not find a better complimentary breakfast anywhere in town.

The staff was extremely friendly and accommodating, even when we needed to get a room key at 2:00 a.m. after our reception. (Evidence below) It felt like we were best fiends with the staff by the end of our three-night stay.
I am already ready to return to the Caribbean Court, because even though 45 degrees is "warm" for Michigan, it's just not cutting it. I highly recommend this boutique hotel for a quick getaway with your S.O. I might even bring Archie next time since the property is pet friendly. (Big bonus points)

If you have any questions about this hotel or just want to hear me gush more about the greenery and decor, please reach out! You can find me here or on here.


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