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Mary Berry lemon drizzle mini bundt cakes
Every friend I talk to is obsessed with the Great British Baking show. I am too. If there is a GBBS detox program, I need it but I don't want it. My obsession with the show is real, but my love with dear Mary Berry is even greater. I could talk about her for way too long.

Naturally, I have a whole board on Pinterest dedicated to Mary Berry's recipes. There's just something about their simplicity and the fact that it's all just really good food, nothing too pretentious.

Mary Berry lemon drizzle mini bundt cakes
As we talked about before, I don't even qualify as a home baker, I'm way worse than that. It takes our kitchen a good two full days to recover after one of my "baking projects." It's not great.

BUT, that should speak to how simple this recipe actually is. I consulted with two different recipes. This one, provided through BBC for Mary Berry's Lemon Drizzle Traybake, and this one from the Salted Mint blog on how to turn that recipe into mini bundt cakes. If you want this recipe, please check our Deborah's blog. She has totally created a simple way to make this tiny treat.
Mary Berry lemon drizzle mini bundt cakes
SO, the whole reason I'm posting about this is because I was able to successfully execute these cute little cakes, minus overfilling half of the bundt pan compartments. But hey, I still count this as a win. They were soft, fluffy and in my opinion, tasted even better the next day.
Mary Berry lemon drizzle mini bundt cakes
I will 100% be making more of these to bring to the lake this summer. To me, nothing says summer more than a citrusy treat or a cold glass of rose. Plus, this was an excuse to style with these fun little flowers from my local market before they wilted.

If you try this recipe, please share with me and go follow the Salted Mint blog and Instagram.

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