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Braid with hair velvet hair scarf

Boho messy braids are trending right now and they are by far mt favorite way to wear my hair. You can find my Pinterest board with tons of gorgeous inspo here. They can spice up the plainest outfits. The common tool with all of those braids- clear hair elastics. Those little suckers are all over my bathroom. They spread like glitter.
In this post I'm going to share a few tips that I've put together from my experience with these tricky elastics.
Beachy waves with barette trend, long blonde hair
1. Find a no-snag brand. This tip is self explanatory. Less breakage= happier hair.
2. If you aren't sure which size to use, go with the bigger size and just wrap it around the hair one extra time. This will prevent them from breaking mid-way through you Saturday at the farmer's market when you're half way through drinking your overpriced latte

long blonde hair crown braid
3. Give the band a little stretch before you use it. I find that this makes the bands less likely to snap when securing your hair.
long blonde hair with boho braid and celestial hair barettes
4. Removing these bad boys can be tricky when they are buried in your hairdo that went from perfectly messy braid to rat's nest during brunch with the girls. This happened to me at my wedding and it took a good 30 minutes to remove the pins and elastics. MY ULTIMATE TRICK to removing clear hair elastics is to plug your curling iron in and just touch the elastics with it. They snap right off. Easy, done and done. For me, this prevents so much breakage and frizz in my hair.
long blonde hair with braid and hair glitter
I've added some of my favorite elastics and hair products below for the perfect boho braid. These are affiliate links.
pearl hair barettes

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