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I guess NEED is a bit overkill in this situation, BUT this hack is a serious game changer.

For Christmas James gifted me this adorable pink mini fridge. Knowing my love for La Croix, this was a great gift. However, it got better.

Put your eye pads, face masks, oils, serums, etc. in your little fridge. It makes the ritual of your skincare routine feel that much more luxurious and refreshing.

I keep mine on my bathroom counter where I get ready in the morning for easy access.

I like to add cold into my morning routine so this was worth taking up some of my precious counter space (apartment probs).

This little luxury is affordable and come on... how cute is this little guy?!

TIP: I only turn the power on when I know I am going to be using the products I want chilled. I will turn it on at night when I go to bed, and use the products in the morning. I'll unplug it for he remainder of the day to save power.

If you have a beauty fridge, send me your cute pictures! I'd love to see how you use yours, and I'm always on the hunt for new skincare tips.

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