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I am SO EXCITED for today's topic. My love for coffee table books stems from the hours my grandma spent with me in the library as a child. I love taking in the images and feeling instantly inspired. And the smell of a book, perfection.

Coffee table books are a great addition to add color and texture to your rooms. I find myself admiring a good book when I visit someone's home. They are not only resourceful and inspirational, but they are great conversation starters when the girls are over.

A few things I look for when picking my coffee table books
  • Pick topics you love to talk about or something you want to learn about!
  • Color- I want the color to match the "brand" of my room. Grab neutrals and then a few pops for accents.
  • Texture- A sturdy book with high-quality pages and covers are the best.
  • Size- I look for books of all sizes. You will be able to layer with larger books on the bottom with a cute colorful book right on top.
OK, here is the good part...I am also sharing with you all my secret spot to get coffee table books. I keep this one close since I don't want anyone raiding my local store ;)

Get your coffee books at TJMaxx. You will not regret it. They have so many trendy and current coffee table books for literally a third of the normal retail price! You can even shop them online. I've linked a few of my favorites here!

I own way too many of these but I have linked some of my favorites that you can shop online. Share your favorite coffee table books with me on my latest Instagram post!
This post contains affiliate links.

This post contains affiliate links.

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