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Cereal milk at the end of a morning bowl is something that either grosses you out or sounds like the best part. I'm someone who is secretly going to 100% drink the milk on my way to the kitchen sink when no one's looking. (Not sorry.)

This is a delicious treat that a local coffee shop served up in OKC. Having just moved to Michigan, it was one of the things I missed most about Oklahoma. This shop had the BEST natural lighting on a snowy day.

I know the cereal milk latte did not originate at this shop, but it's the only placed I've been to that has served it. I believe the idea originated with Christina Tosi of Milk Bar.

Anyways, here is how I whip up a replica of this special-occasion treat:

I use my Nespresso machine and the Nespresso Aeroccino milk steamer/frother to do the job. I purchased the machine and frother combo on super sale right after Christmas 2018. I've linked a more affordable but just as practical milk frother here.

TIP: The Aeroccino can make both hot and cold foam which is super handy for this recipe. I enjoy sipping this as a cold latte but it makes a nice warmer upper in a huge coffee mug on a chilly day as well.

OK, let's get down to it.

- 1 cup of the milk of your choice (I've tried both almond and whole)
- 1 cup Cinnamon Toast Crunch or cereal of your choice (I know a lot of people make this with Lucky Charms if that's more your speed)
-Espresso- I do a double shot
-Dash of salt- I mean just a teeny bit here, folks

1. Add cereal and milk and salt into glass and stir. Let this combo sit for about 30 min. The salt really does add a nice flavor. It sounds weird but to me you can't go wrong with a sweet and salty situation. Adding the salt is the secret that really makes this yummy!

2. Strain milk from cereal.
3. If you're using and Aeroccino, you can use either the hot or cold setting. If you're using a traditional frother, you will need to heat/refrigerate milk before adding to your latte.
4. Grab a cute mug/glass and enjoy!

NOTE: Best sipped with cute puppy snuggles or kitten purrs.

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