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I'm just going to say it from the beginning: TAKE ENGAGEMENT PHOTOS! I truly did not want to because I couldn't imagine being comfortable in front of the camera. With some research and planning, I found ways to make this experience work for me. This list has points on what worked for me and why I am SO HAPPY we had these pictures taken.
1. It won't be perfect, and that's OK. There are going go be fly-away hairs. There will be rouge wrinkles or ant piles. BUT, it will all work out. Take a deep breath, have some champagne, and TRUST your photographer. 

This was the most important thing for me. Luckily, our photographer was amazing and knew how to make us comfortable in front of the camera. She had tons of ideas for poses and knew what would make us look good, even if we felt awkward doing it.

2. Research. I knew the look I wanted, it was just about finding the right photographer for the job. Luckily, Korbyn does great work and her style fit exactly what I wanted. I reached out to her about a location where some of her photos were taken so I could go scout it out. She was very patient and answered ALL of my questions before we even made it to the shoot day.

Of course, Pinterest did not fail when it came to looking for inspiration. I made a concise board with pins that had the vibe I liked. I kept it short because I did not want to feel overwhelmed.

3. Bring items you love to make the shoot feel special. We wanted to have a cozy boho picnic for our shoot so we brought things we had around the house to create that atmosphere. I love a good detail and styling is my favorite, so this really made the images special for me. A selection of fruits, cheeses and crackers from Trader Joes completed the look.

4. Wear outfits you are comfortable in. It will show. I know that when I'm comfortable, I'm at my happiest. For me, this meant wearing shoes that were already worn in and painting my own nails. It showed my own personality and more of how I see myself. Although I would love to look polished in every way, that's just not my usual. Luckily for me, James likes dressing up and jumped at the opportunity to get an extra wear out of his dress clothes.

In the end, we both were obsessed with our pictures and we hope everyone can have that same experience.If you would like to learn more about the registry process, you'll love these!

I would love to hear what you all do to stay inspired when it comes to photo shoots. Let me know on our latest Insta post!

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