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As mentioned before, I went with a more boho look for this holiday season. This project combined my love of texture with a more whimsical look. I only had to buy the ornaments for this piece and the rest of the supplies I already had around the house.


- plastic iridescent ornaments
- acrylic paint
- work space protector
- twine.
- bells


1. Remove ornament caps and add paint.

2. Shake ornaments until paint covers the whole inside. This part can be a little messy. I recommend having paper towels on hand to wipe off fingers or the ornaments. I used plastic ornaments so they were easy to wipe off paint or scrape off paint after dry.

3. Let ornaments dry. This was the make or break step for me. TIP: Make sure to turn ornaments every few seconds so the wet paint does not pool, leaving sides bare.

4. String ornaments on twine or string of your choice. These can get heavy, so make sure your twine is hearty enough.

5. Cluster and group the ornaments to get your desired look. I cluster mine together tightly, but I think next year I will spread them out for a lighter garland look and hang it vertically.
 6. Add bells to ends and secure.

This project added a nice pop of color and texture to my bar cart space. I'm sure I'll be re-configuring this garland for spring!

If you give this project a try, let me know! I'd love to see everyone's rendition of this fun project!

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