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Talk about a hidden gem, we found Devil's Den on a spur-of-the-moment trip on our way home from Gainesville on a long weekend.

This awesome spot is an underwater river in Williston, FL. where the water is 72 degrees year round. The largest cavern is available for snorkeling after a brief decent down submerged stairs. I have to admit, a feeling of uneasiness ran through me, as. the water is cool and dark around the cavern walls. An opening at the top lets sunshine in like a natural sky light revealing the crystal clear water.
For the more adventurous and SCUBA certified, there are four passages that branch off from the main cavern. These passages descend form five to 90 feet below.

For geology or archeology enthusiasts, this spot may also serve as a point of interest. Artifacts and human remains can be found in what is called Chamber Three, at a depth of 70 feet. This info is courtesy of the man running the gear rental desk. We didn't actually see any bones with our own eyes. Phew!

The only images we were able to capture from this trip were with the old GoPro we had in the trunk equipped with a handle grip attachment.

BEFORE you race over to explore, here are a few things to consider:
- Visit in the summer and on a weekday. warmer air and fewer people means you may find yourself and your snorkeling buddy with free range of the area which is prime for exploring and photo opportunities.
- Pack yourself a lunch. Covered picnic tables line the area surrounded by large oaks and plenty of vines. You might as well go all out with a charcuterie board, right??
- Follow along for local updates on Instagram @devilsdenspring  or here

We hope you are inspired to go on your own spontaneous adventure this weekend! Let us know on our latest Instagram post about your favorite snorkeling destination!

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