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It's kind of a running joke in my family about how messy of a baker I am. I can't even argue with it because of how true it is. When I decided to make a cozy holiday treat, I jumped at the opportunity to make homemade marshmallows.

The memories of having a pot of hot cocoa with the family on Christmas Eve made this an easy choice. The only thing missing this year was the scent of a real Christmas tree decked in lights.
I scrolled through Pinterest and found a recipe that seemed totally doable, even for me. I spotted a one that did not need a candy thermometer and flavored the marshmallows with  vanilla and cinnamon (two of my favorites). The recipe I used is from Personally Andrea's blog post

I totally botched the first batch. They were basically jello when I took them out of the pan. I tried again but whipped the mixture on high for a full 12 minutes, instead of 10. This seemed to do the trick! I would also like to note that I made this recipe with a hand mixer instead of the recommended stand mixer.

This was an easy and delicious addition to a normally cold and dreary Sunday afternoon. Plus, it gave me an excuse to have James light a fire while I snuggled with Archie.


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