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It's kind of a running joke in my family about how messy of a baker I am. I can't even argue with it because of how true it is. When I decided to make a cozy holiday treat, I jumped at the opportunity to make homemade marshmallows.

The memories of having a pot of hot cocoa with the family on Christmas Eve made this an easy choice. The only thing missing this year was the scent of a real Christmas tree decked in lights.


I always get a little craftier during the colder months, and with the wedding coming up in March, that just fuels the fire even more. Not Christmas related at all, but this weekend I took the time to paint an old denim jacket that I've worn for years, with my new last name. If anything, I figure I can at least wear it to the rehearsal dinner if it gets chilly outside. Although, let's be real. Florida and chilly are not likely to happen together.

I put together a simple tutorial so you can see how easy the process really was.


This holiday season will be a little different for James and I. We will not be able to make it home to spend time with our families this season, which is obviously a downer. Who doesn’t love sharing a big meal and bottle of bubbly with family? Not having the luxury of going home really spurred us to concentrate on what we do have, and what we have to look forward to this holiday season and through 2019.
With a busy year coming up, there was a lot to reflect on. In January, James and I will be moving to Michigan. In March, we will get married. Don’t ask me who moves a month before their wedding, because my answer will be “us!”


In this post we will dig into our trip to Arkansas. We went on this trip to dig for quartz crystals and scope out the best places for future mining. We went into this venture without any previous connections in the area, so we really had to search on our own to find the hidden gems. During our research we found two places that really stood out and were close enough together that it wouldn't take us the better part of the day to get from one to the other.


What in the world is there to do in Oklahoma? This is a question I asked myself frequently right before we moved here a year ago (2017). After a little research, James and I decided we needed to pay the salt flats a visit.

If you like any of the following, your are in for a real treat with this place:
  • digging for crystals
  • unique and picturesque landscapes
  • winding roads through the back country


Talk about a hidden gem, we found Devil's Den on a spur-of-the-moment trip on our way home from Gainesville on a long weekend.

This awesome spot is an underwater river in Williston, FL. where the water is 72 degrees year round. The largest cavern is available for snorkeling after a brief decent down submerged stairs. I have to admit, a feeling of uneasiness ran through me, as. the water is cool and dark around the cavern walls. An opening at the top lets sunshine in like a natural sky light revealing the crystal clear water.


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